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product description

The Shibang back bolt is made of stainless steel. It has a simple structure, convenient operation and convenient installation. It does not require any adhesive and can be quickly installed at the height controlled. Meet the required tensile and shear strength.

Scope of application

Ceramic plate, marble sheet, granite, microcrystalline stone, crystal glass, man-made fiber board

Product advantages

1. Made of A4 stainless steel, the bearing capacity is higher than the ordinary standard;

2. The stress is small during installation and has good protection for the board;

3. The internal thread design can effectively prevent the back bolt expansion ring from loosening and increase the safety factor;

4. The use of anti-loose gaskets and locknuts ensures the connection of curtain walls;

5. The system is safe and stable under long-term wind loads.

Construction process

Positioning - Drilling - Drilling - Inserting the anchor sleeve - Inserting the bolt - Tightening

Technical Parameters




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